I was given a hive that belonged to my neighbor. He fell into bad health about 2 yrs. ago and hasn't done much with his bees since then. He had this one hive left that he has given to me. It's woodware was in terrible shape and falling apart. It was a depp body with 3 shallows on top. This hive did get apistan strips and terramican(sp) this past fall. When we opened it up there were still 2 apistan strips in the super.
The supers had some frames, but no foundation so there is comb everywhere. The brood box only had 9 frames and some had no foundation so it is a mess. The frames in the brood box weren't cross nailed so when I pried up the top bars started pulling off. I kind of knew what to expect so I had a lot of tools with me.
I broke the hive all the way down and swapped the 9 frames from the broodbox into a new box and bottom board placed where the old one sat. When I seperated each super I tore comb to pieces as they had built everywhere due to no foundation and overcrowding. This hive was absolutely packed with bees.
So now here is what I've got. As I said I placed the 9 frames from old brood box into new and shook out old box into new. I couldn't fit another frame as the comb was doubled on some frames. On top of that I placed a brood box with 10 frames with wax foundation. Above that are 3 new shallow super boxes with the comb and frames from the broken rotted supers I took off. As I said these frames had no foundation and some boxes only had 7 or 8 frames so the comb is a mess. When I got done there was torn and dripping honeycomb in a pile on a board that I worked over. I put a new inner cover and a telescoping cover over that. There were bees absolutely everywhere. I'm pretty sure the queen is in the lower brood box but I did find capped queen cells, some of which I destroyed.
How can I get this hive straightened out? How can I get the frames in the lower brood box cleaned out so I can replace them? How can I straighten out these supers, they are packed with honey, but as I said they had apistan strips in them.