This afternoon I captured my first swarm. It was in my front yard in an oak tree about 20ft. up. I just happened to have a hive body ready so I put 5 frames with foundation in it and set it on the ground under the tree. I laid out a tarp and cut the branch down. I shook off the branch into the box and dumped the rest of the bees from the tarp in. It took a couple of tries before I finally got them to go in the box. Now they are hived and under the tree I captured them from.
Now for the questions. Can I move this hive a few hundred feet to where I want it now or should I wait? I planned on opening the hive in a few days and adding the other 5 frames, is this OK? Should I feed this hive seeing how they have no stores? I don't have any surplus honey or frames of brood as I am new and have only hives that were started this year from packages.
Any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated.