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Thread: Opening bees

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    Most people on this sit etalk about opening their bees in spring to see if the queen is laying, how do you do it without disturbing the bees so much?
    I went to open mine to check for eggs and the bees literally joined each frame together and I can't get 1 frame out. When I finally pulled hard enough 1 came out but tore the comb completely apart from the foundation.
    I know this sounds like a stupid question, but, does this bother the bees? My guess is yes. I'm using Duragilt w/3-banded italian bees.

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    Yes ,generally if the frames are stuck together or to the box,you are going to have a hard time getting them out,and this will disturb the bees.You want to be able to move slow and steady when you are working the bees.I would smoke them,then let them sit for a minute ,then proceed to remove each frame slowly and firmly.Then clean and scrape all the burr comb and propopolis off of each frame so next time it will be easier to get them out.Some bees just build more burr comb than others.Its a good practice to clean and scrape frames with your hive tool every time you have them out.Also be careful about the temperature in early spring,you dont want to chill the brood.Wait for a warm day before opening the bees (at least above 50 degrees.Good Luck...JOHN


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