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    I went into my hive today. Haven't been able to check it for a few weeks. I have two deeps and 1 shallow. The shallow is quite empty with very little comb built up. The two deeps are in full production with the exception of two frames.

    I found 12 queen cells. All but one was capped. I immediately went looking for the existing queen and found her. There were no eggs or uncapped larva to be found. Plenty of capped brood in nice patterns. The queen's abdomen was looking slightly shriveled. Two of the queen cells were in the middle of frames, the rest were hanging off the bottom of frames.

    Assuming a swarm, should I kill the existing queen and let the new queens hatch, then add two shallows?

    If it's supercedure should I let everything go and (just in case) watch for a swarm?

    I can't tell what I'm looking at. If they are about to swarm can I halt the process by eliminating the old queen before they swarm?

    The hive was very calm and it did't seem to be overcrowded. It's a beautiful day 78 degrees, sunny and a slight breeze. They were not coming and going like I would expect under these conditions.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.


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    Sounds like a swarm pending!

    Barring any problems in the hive not described, based on the other recomendations on the site here, I might recommend a split soon, really soon or you could loose that swarm.

    Do a search for splits and there is a lot of good information on how to do that to avoid a swarm.


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