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    What is the best and quickest way to build comb?

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    You need to feed the bees to get comb as fast as possible.And a good strong hive helps.But if you are going to harvest honey from the comb you dont want to feed them as you will have syup in the comb and not honey.

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    Let the bees do it. You'll never succeed at it.

    Oh, maybe you meant to get the bees to do it? Feed them a lot or give them foundation during a flow.

    They won't build it unless they need it.

    Put the frames in the brood nest. They hate a empty space in the brood nest.

    Bait up the box you want them to draw comb in with a frame of brood. They have to keep the brood warm and that brings bees who will start building comb.

    I don't generally think in terms of how to get the bees to draw comb. They will draw it when they need it.


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