Although illegal, when I returned to Arkansas in 1978, there were some folks still using Bee Gums. I was asked if I could rob them by a friend.
What a joy to work. The rear of the box was hinged. I probably could have completed the task without using smoke.
It was a simple matter to raise the door, cut a comb, put it in a bowl and go back for another.
This is the reason for my fascination with the KTBH. It is essentially a Bee Gum with movable frames.
Those who would rather not heft heavy honey supers need not.
I have tasked my son with constructing a honey press based on James SatterfieldÂ’s design posted on his website. If I had seen this before, I would have already built one. ItÂ’s the perfect solution to drying the cappings from the extractor operation.