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    Default What's happening here?

    A few days ago I did give inspections and both of my stronger hives were ready for honey supers. I added the supers and all seemed fine. Yesterday bees were everywhere, circling the entrances and lots of bees were flying around my garden and house. Today I suited up and went down to the hives and man they are pissy. Looks like fighting going on and some dead bees in front of the hives. I also have a laying worker hive that has very few bees in it and for the last few weeks, I have not seen a lot of activity from that hive. The entrance to the LW hive is now very busy. Any help would be appreciated. What is going on with the bees.
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    Default Re: What's happening here?

    Sounds like robbing.

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    As jwcarlson said, sounds like robbing. What are your plans for your laying worker hive. If they are small I take them 100'+ and dump them in the grass. The first year when I didn't do that they were just robbed out and dead anyway. I think of them of at least making some comb for me. It takes a few weeks and a few frames of open brood to get them to requeen themselves. So I just cut my losses now.

    The time to requeen a laying worker hive is BEFORE they have laying workers. Either give them a queen or queen cell before 3 weeks of no queen. The first 2 years I didn't go into my hives much thinking they would take care of themselves. Now I try to get into them every 7 - 10 days. With all of our rain this spring here that didn't always happen.

    Good Luck

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    Thanks for the responses. I am guessing that one of my stronger hives is robbing the Laying Worker hive. My plan as of now is to wait until tonight and close up the LW hive. I will bring it to the bottom of one of my fields tomorrow morning and shake them out. Distance is probably about 300 yards away from my other hives. What should I do with the box and frames afterward? It does have a lot of drone brood. I don't have a need for the frames right now in any other hives. Should I just set-up the LW hive in a different location for now so that the brood can hatch out and die off?

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    >What should I do with the box and frames afterward?
    Cut out the drone brood render the wax it or discard it. harvest the honey, freeze it or put it on another hive.

    Often the best place to store comb is on another hive.


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