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Thread: Ohio Honey Flow

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    I'm new to Ohio, specifically central Ohio & enjoying a terrific year with my 6 colonies.
    Originally from the "Beehive State", Utah...where, despite the name, I never saw anything like the production I get out here. Which leads to my question...

    Should I expect a honey flow through the fall? I didn't see much that way in Utah...Once September rolled around it was time to extract and get ready for winter.

    I've been told though, that I could extract and expect to extract again after a "fall flow".

    Any truth to that. Thanks in advance.


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    The fall flow can be highly dependent on the weather I've found. Last year we had a cold spell at the end of August/first week of September and there was no fall flow at all. Other years it's been ok, though not a lot and I've usually just let the bees keep it for the winter and I don't usually have to feed in the fall. Some years apparently it can be significant (filling another super or two) from what I've heard from older beekeepers, but I haven't seen it in the past 5 years.

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    what is the source of forage in the fall months in ohio, i'm in michigan and i dont imagine ours is all that much different. thanks, sarah.

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    Hi Sarah

    My friend Mitch has told me pretty much the same as Tarheit, that we may or may not get a good fall flow. It should be from goldenrod and asters. I planted some buckwheat which is budding out, and the goldenrod and asters are looking real good right now, probably 2-3 weeks from bloom.

    Based on what Mitch told me, we should not take off honey from winter stores in the expectation of a fall flow.

    (I am 2 miles south of michigan line.)



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