BeeSystem announces the new generation of remote beehives monitoring systems. First 10 systems will be tested in real “field environment” this winter, and will be ready for commercial use by April 2004.

Key features of the new architecture:

- Up to 254 high-precision sensors per one apiary controller (including meteorological sensors).
- Up to 16 types of sensors such as: weight, temperature, humidity, CO2, barometric pressure etc.
- Full-autonomy with solar panel (you don’t need external power supply, or battery recharging).
- Automatic problem detection and notification by SMS messages.
- Works on distance of hundreds and thousands miles from your home.
- You can have access to your real-time data from everywhere on the world (you just need an internet connection).
- Full data reporting by e-mail.
- You don’t need to buy and install any hardware or software on your home PC. You need just internet connation and web-browser.
- Easy to install and upgrade system.

Using all our experience while engineering this system, we tried to keep most affordable price. If you are interested in having this system in your possession, please contact me For more information, please visit our web site This site is available only for US and Canadian visitors.