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    Hey Folks,
    Ned Newguy here (actually Ben newguy). I am looking for some resources for educating SWMBO, the neighbors and Town Hall about honeybees. Mainly I'd like to

    1) address the difference between the bees and yellowjackets etc to allay fears, and just generally reassure folks that a hive doesn't mean they'll be mobbed by insects from a horror movie

    2) Some advocacy material about the beneficial bee, why we need them and why they need our support.

    I hope to keep the hive (in spring will order a package) in our yard in town, a small 1500-pop town in CO. There's a hive in town already, but I don't want to bust her/him by pointing that out to Town Hall! If anyone knows any resources to back me up, especially something like a reasonably-documented handout or pamphlet, I'd sure appreciate a pointer. I'd compile something myself, but I think a third party would have more credibility.
    Thanks in advance...

    Ben Brewcat brewing in Lyons, CO

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    Start here;

    Then do another search on "ordinances", use the search engine above on the right hand side. You will find much disscussion here.


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