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Thread: Split Cordovans

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    The split I made in early august seems to be doing well. The russian hive is amazingly productive, they have a full super through this dearth. The cordovan hive is a little behind but catching up. For the most part, neither bees in the hive are as different as I thought they would be. That is, the russian ones look pretty large and yellow and the cordovans are pretty dark themselves. Notwithstanding, when I checked the cordovan brood chamber I noticed many bees that were very light yellow and very furry especially in their head and thorax. Have any of you seen this before, could this be some sort of disease?

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    Newly emerged bees are much fuzzier than the field bees. It's more noticeable on the Cordovans because the color of the hair is lighter and the color of the exoskeleton is also lighter.


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