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    does anyone know if i can start a hive of bees this time of year using a few pound and a queen? i live in southern mississippi,75 miles from new orleans. i think i should be able to if i feed then during the winter (if you can call ours a winter)if i can, should i expect a crop of honey next spring?

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    I recently got another hive with a queen and about three pounds of bees (zone 7b). I have been feeding, feeding, feeding to help them build up for winter. I have also been giving pollen substitute, but have found that the bees are bringing in loads of pollen themselves and have pretty much ignored the substitute. I have checked them about every two weeks and they are doing great with their numbers growing rapidly. Lots of brood and lots of bees. Are you able to get a nuc at this time of year? That's probably your best bet this late. Having an established queen and brood already present would certainly benefit you. I know that in this area, there are a couple of local beekeepers who sell them in this manner. As long as they have a source with which to make food stores, hopefully they will winter okay, but ask an expert. I certainly am not one.


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