Wanted to start fresh to hear others knowledge on a sub-topic of something recently discussed.

Did you ever hear of or have a healthy hive just crashing for no apparent reason? I did. And thats why I think genetic selection and splitting off your survivor hives will be the key to beekeeping in the future. Whether you use FGMO, small cell, or anything else, it wont matter in the long run, without survivor bred bees.

I will say that those using small-cell regression are selecting survivor traits as part of this procedure. And maybe that has more to do with it than anything else. FGMO, and others do not.

Even low mite levels can cause a hive to crash. I believe achieving low mite counts will limit the damage but the damage will still be there. I'm talking about the 12 to 20 (you hear different numbers published) viruses that the mite and other parasites can inject into the hive. Research and the understanding of these viruses is very incomplete. I never even heard of "disappearing bee syndrome" until this year.
The one thing you hear about is that no matter what method you use, ie. small-cell, etc, you will still have a small amount of mites present. One mite infecting one bee, feeding and infecting one queen, perhaps means infected brood and a dead hive. Researchers are not even sure in some cases how these viruses spread throughout the hive.

Remember, its not the mites that are sucking these bees to death all the time, its what is transmitted by them. Genetic selection and being able to cope with these viruses is the next step as total elimination of mites is useless.

This is from a beekeepers thoughts, not a research scientist. so what do you think or know?