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    2 days ago I split a hive, took the top brood box and placed it with a new top and bottom about 20 feet away, I THOUGHT they would realize they did not have a queen and therefore requeen themselves. I watched the hive I split and the bees are just flying back and forth to the old hive. What do I need to do?
    Buy a queen and put her into the new hive? or something else, I don't know.
    They are eating about a quart of syrup a day(the new queenless hive). If I order a new queen and introduce her to the new hive will they stop flying back to there old hive? Any help would be appreciated.

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    If you are going to try to raise a queen that way you need to move the box with the queen to the new location. The nurse bees will stay with the queen creating a new field force and the old field bees will go to the old location and relize there is no queen and try to raise one. If I understand what you did you need to reverse the locations for that to work. I have done it this way and it work great.

    Good luck

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    Swop the two hives over. The one with the queen will then lost its foraging force, but with eggs being laid daily it will soon build up again. The queenless one will gain the foragers, and that will give it strength. If you want a really good queen open it five days after you split and remove any sealed cells, leaving just open cells. Cells sealed at that stage will have been started from larvae that were too old. If it doesn't work, don't panic,add a frame of eggs and young brood, and repeat the cull on the fifth day.


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