First, I am new to this board , but I quickely recognized the vast experience and knowledge available from the friendly user of this forum. I have been keeping bees for the past 50 years when I could , the majority of my years were dedicated to the USAF. In the past five years I have been seriously trying to learn what it was I was doing in the past years and I find that there is more to learn than one learning time. Like most beekeepers with little or no training I have been repeating what I have heard old beekeepers say , such as the "Queen never goes down, she always goes up" therefore if you want to find the Queen ten days after you last saw her look in the box above the box where you last saw her.
Question?, how much truth is there that the Queen never goes down ?. I have researched The Hive And The Honey Bee and while I feel sure the answer is in that book as most answers are , I can not find it.
Les in SC