I wrote my US Senator Honorable Fred Thompson, who is the ranking member of the

United States Senate
committee on governmental affairs

I explained to Senator Thompson, that i am his constiuent and i voted for him; i continued to say that i order queens, and package bees and receive them (until now) via the post office. I explained that i am very upset with post office's decision regarding live animal policy and certain post office contractors.

what follows is his response:

Dear Mr. Hunt

Thank you for contacting me with your concerns about the restriction on live animal shipping recently implemented by certain postal contractors. As your senator and the Ranking Member on the Governmental Affairs Committee, I appreciate hearing your comments on issues within the Committee's jurisdiction.

In an effort to be of assistance, I have requested that Postmaster General John Porter examine the situation and report back to me regarding the new shipping restrictions and what actions the Postal Service will take to address your concerns. When I receive a response from the Postmaster General, I will share it with you.

thank you for giving me the opportunity to be of service.


Fred Thompson
Ranking Member

I am very pleased with my senator's response. If you haven't written your senator yet , you need to.

also, here is a list of the senators and the state they serve that are also on this same committee.

Joe lieberman, Chairman connecticut
carl levin, michigan
daniel akaka, hawaii
richard durbin, illinois
robert torricelli, new jersey
max cleland, georgia
thomas carper, delaware
jean carnahan, missouri
mark dayton, minnesota
ted stevens, alaska
susan collins, maine
george voinovich, ohio
pete domenici, new mexico
thad cochran, mississppi
robert bennett, utah
jim bunning, kentucky

these senate members are certainly more influential over this issue than those that are not on this committee; however, a letter to your senator no matter who they are is needed.

i will keep you posted.

yours in beekeeping,

george hunt