On April 6 I installed 15 packages with
Carniolan queens. I left them alone.
Weather was wonderful today so I decided
to remove the queen cages and see how things
where going. Hit 80 degrees F.
12 out of the 15 have nice dark queens running around, some even started to lay eggs. Two others I found the queens dead in the cage, very little of the candy eaten. Didn't seem right so I looked through the rest of the frames. Low and behold, I found small leather brown queens. Still small and not extended so I'm guessing they're still unmated.
The last one had an empty cage but no signs of a queen-eggs or a virgin running around.
Virgin queens in a package - I've heard of it
but never experienced it. What are the odds of this happening -twice with one delivery!
Call the broker and I'll be getting replacements tomorrow. It too cold up around here to expect them to mate.
Hope this isn't an indication of the year to come, already been through a tough winter.

Dave Verville
Fremont, NH USA