I read in another post that Italians tend to "shutdown" in midsummer. I thought it was just due to a nectar dearth here. My hives look healthy but are no longer boiling over with bees as they were a few weeks ago. There are tight clusters of eggs and brood, but not throughout the brood boxes like a few weeks ago. They've been booting out drones for the last day or so. They appear to be hunkering down for winter already.

I put on another shallow super of foundation about 10 days ago, but they've only drawn out about 1/4" on about 80% the frames. I was hoping the population wouldn't go down until after the fall flows which are usually pretty good here.

Questions -- Have others seen this same behavior in Italians?

Can you feed extracted honey on the inner cover (to prevent robbing) to simulate a flow to keep wax production up (and still extract without syrup in the supers)? I've read where this can help with comb honey production in areas where flows aren't especially concentrated.

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