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    Got home yesterday just as the city skeeter truck was zooming by the house spraying everything next the streets. I live in a quite, residential neighborhood, that has creeks & woods, etc...and my hives are tucked away up in the backyard, about 120 feet from the street. after 10-15 minutes had passed,I began to notice several of the bees spinning on the ground and out of control. I'm hoping some of these bees just got caught in the fog on the way back and that it won't kill my new hives. Has anyone had any experience with spraying affecting your bees? Mike

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    Everything will depend on whether the bees are foraging for nectar(like clover and dandelions) or water in the area sprayed and what is being used.

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    Whenever they fog for mosquitoes before dark, a lot of bees die. The application directions for Malathion for mosquitoe control say they should do it after dark when the mosquitoes are out and the bees are not. If they do this the damage is negligible. Usually they seem to use Malathion.

    Look on page two of the label for bee warnings.
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