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    This weekend was the very first time I robbed my girls ..... What a Great Life time experience I took two shallow supers from them . the frames were just like all the pictures i have seen and the hot knife took the caps right off . my new 4 frame extractor worked like it should. after letting it sit for 24 hours i took a gallon from the holding tank filtering it and then put it in 4 oz Mason Jelly jars . the honey was so light in color and so clear with hardly any airbubbles .. I want to thank each of you that write to this forum for making My experince working with the bee`s a wonderful thing so exciting this first year has been ..... Thanks to each of you

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    Congratulations on your first honey!
    While honey is the fruits of our labor, the pleasure of the process is it's own reward.

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    It tasted just like what you get at the grocery store, right? Be careful the joy of bees in addictive.
    Congratulation on you first honey.
    Married 23 years and still makin honey.
    John, WA9WJG

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    I hope you are joking about it tasting just like the stuff you get the grocery store There isn't any comparison!! Fresh honey is soooo much better!!!


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