I am in need of drawn comb. I am hoping to pick up a swarm or two soon, but I have not been called for one yet. About a month ago I removed a feral colony that had established themselves in an individual's storage room roof area. I removed all the comb and wired it into frames and placed them and their brood into a new hive. I apparently did not get the queen in the removal so by now there is not much brood left to emerge. They do have a ripe queen cell about to emerge. I have stated all this as a matter of background info. Here is what I am thinking. Could I not take a frame of brood from them or another colony, place it into a new hive with 9 other frames of foundation, shake all the bees into the new hive and feed them 1:1 sugar to stimulate them to draw the foundation? I guess what I am asking is, will this be like creating an artificial swarm? Didn't mean to create a long question. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,

Dave (DBAK)