I had a good chat with a buddy today from Cali.
We were talking about a hive of his last year that got AFB. He said he thought some of his old combs are to blame but wasn't sure. He didn't treat with terramycin last year, but did the years before,
and it seemed fine.

He was wondering if AFB in packages is common, and on new foundation or is it generally the result years of collection and robbing on old combs and it will gererally fester, when the hive reaches a weak point, when bees neglect removing the infected larvae. I haven't had to much experiance with it, so I wasn't sure.

I wonder if there has been any Universty or USDA studies on feeding infected honey or pollen to hives or packages and see how long if takes to incubate or whether it might or not develop.

I could be interesting to see whether comb cycling
might be a useful tool.