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Thread: Sun or shade?

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    After reading many of the past posts around here, I am lead to wonder if the old standard I have always practiced still holds true. I was always tought and practiced having the bee hives in at least partial shade during the day. Reading around here it is said that full sun all day is better for mite control. Is this accrate? My hives were in full sun last summer and I had a very good honey year, but a very poor winter. I was planning on moving to shaded area this year. I pick up my 10 packages next saturday and am setting up the hive stands now. Sun or shade..... what should I do?



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    I have always tried for sun in the morning to early afternoon and shade in the late afternoon, so they would get warmed up and going earlier in the day but not have to cool so much in the afternoon. For better land use (my horses want all the grass) I ended up putting them in mostly sun all day and they actually seemed to produce better. They also hauled more water.

    My logic says otherwise, but my experience is that they seem to do well in the sun. Keep in mind, I don't live in Arizona! We occasionally have 100 degree days here, but usually not for more than week. Also my hives are either white or natural wood. If the climate were hotter or the hives were a hotter color I couldn't say.

    Also my hives have a DE ventilation kit on them which may account for why the sun works well on them and why they manage to keep them cool and eveaporate more nectar.

    So I'm just responding to my situation and my observation. It may be different with a different hive setup, a different color of paint or a different climate.

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    I also agree with Michael,I've put them in shade-part sun& full sun,I live in Ala,& it can get hot.But I've noticed they seem to do better in full sun.I've started putting them in the sun but I try to put something behind them(tree's fence row)to block the north wind,also place them were they have a good water source, ,,,,, Mark

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    Mine are in full sun for most of the day, but are shaded after about 3 in the afternoon. It gets awful hot here in Texas in July, Aug, and Sept, so shading in the evening seems to help some. I remember reading a thread either here or on the other bee forum I like to read and visit. I think I recall some beekeepers who are of the opinion that bee temperament seems to be a little better in hives that get full sun. Maybe I'm wrong, but I would swear that was what I read. Doesn't make sense to me, but then I'm not a bee.


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