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    Went out the other day to check on my hives lost one out of 9 , 4 nucs and 5 two story hives. the one i lost is 2 years old and has never really done much, it had a pretty good case of varroa this past summer i treated with apiguard which i wouldn`t use again. It had plenty of stores going into the winter but their numbers were down. the cluster was in the fwd part of the hive in the bottom box with a few patches of bees with their heads stuck in the comb and area of maybe 3x3 inches, there is at least 50 lbs of honey left in the hive the bottom box was stripped clean.My question is does this seem like death by varroa,maybe just didnt have the numbers to stay warm. Can i give the honey filled frames to my other hives in a few weeks and in the meantime how do i store them? there was also this white granulated looking substance in the brood area thanks

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    The white granulated stuff sounds like granulated honey that they didn't consume.

    If they did die because of mites or cold, then there shouldn't be a problem feeding them elsewhere.

    However, you mention that this hive hasn't done very well for 2 years. There are any number of reasons that this would be. But in this case I don't think you should feed the honey to the other hives.
    If you have re-queened in this hive, you should find out why they didn't thrive (disease or mite related, not queen related).


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