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    I had read previous posts here where members reported they put a trap hive next to a swarm and the swarm moved right on in.

    A couple weeks ago I found a softball size swarm on the ground while mowing the lawn. Swarm was partially on lattice work of arbor and in tall grass directly behind one of my Italian hives.

    As I only had two hours before leaving for the airport to fly to Phoenix for another 6 week business trip, I put a nuc baited with a frame of uncapped honey, two frames of drawn comb, and 2 frames of foundation. One frame had a vial of swarm lure.

    Our state honeybee inspector, Jimmy Dunkley, stopped by my home to check on the nuc and my house hives this week. He reported one frame was packed with honeybees and would return this coming week to check for laying queen.

    I was hoping they would walk right in, which they did! Wish I could have been home to watch rather than being on an airplane.

    Hopefully they will be happy with the nuc till I return home on 17 September and I can move them into a deep with some more frames of capped honey from my house Italian hives.
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    Did any of your hives have a queen with clipped wings? If so they didn't have much of a choice about what house they picked. They will do fine until you get home to place them in bigger quaters, it will take them awhile to get organized anyway.
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    Hey Peggjam,

    No clipped wings on any of my queens. I don't think house hives swarmed. Both were exceptionally strong with plenty of space available via supers.
    James Henderson
    Golden Delight Honey; 225-803-5406 (cell)


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