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    My hive swarmed in June. The bees filled most of the two hive bodies when the hive was queenless. They have raised a new queen, but the hive bodies are full exept for two center frames in top hive body. The super on this hive is only starting now to draw comb. Need advise what to do. Some say to break open honey comb in several combs. Others tell me to spin out some frames top and bottom. Help Please!

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    I find it's normal for them to fill the brood nest with honey while rasing a queen and they soon move it out of the way once she starts laying if it's not capped.

    Bees seldom move capped honey, so if it's capped you can uncap it with a cold knife (you'll need a bowl or something to catch the cappings in) and let the bees move it.

    Other options depend on what resources you have and what size frames are in your supers and your brood nest.

    If you have all the same size frames in the brood and the supers, you can just pull some of the full frames of honey out of the brood nest and put them up in the top box and replace them with empty frames.

    If they are different sized, and you have another brood sized box, you can pull say three frames from each of the brood boxes and put them in the third box with four more empty frames. Put the empty ones in the middle and the full honey on the outside. Also put the capped honey on the outside and the open honey inside of that.

    If you have an extractor, you can just extract three frames or so from each of the brood boxes and put them back.

    Also it depends on if you have drawn comb or not. If you have drawn brood sized comb then it is preferable to replace the full ones with drawn comb. If you don't you'll have to use foundation.

    Anything that opens up some frames in the middle of the brood nest will help. Any of these methods will help.

    Probably the best end result is that you have drawn comb in the middle of the brood nest.

    Next best is some bare foundation.

    You can accomplish this by whatever means you have at your disposal.


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