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    Installed new packages this afternoon--beautiful, warm day. Got stung a lot--all the packages were aggressive, yet sprayed them before installing with sugar water, etc. Why so aggressive? Any suggestions? Haven't had this happen before.

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    Aggressive bees are products of their environment, so what time of day, air temp, weather was it when you installed them?

    What was your procedure of introduction into the hive?

    Were you careful in removing the queen from the package or did you allow the bees to get away from you?

    I have installed a number of packages since 1976 and I use the same technique.

    I wait for the late afternoon early evening. I spray the cluster with 1:1 syrup. I remove the cover board nails and slide it back just enough to either see the queen cage tab or the piece of metal holding the queen cage.

    I remove the queen cage gently sliding the cover board back over the opening. I inspect the queen to see she is alive, remove the candy plug/tab if any and place the cage into the hive. I also remove 3-4 frames and place them to the side of the hive

    Holding the cover board in place. I slam the package onto the ground knocking all the bees to the floor of the box shake the package side to side three times vigorously and remove the syrup can. The bees are all disorganized at this time and festooning together.

    I then pour the bees on to the hive, half on top of the queen cage, the rest into the void of the removed frames. I gently replace the frames, put the inner cover on and invert a can of feed over the inner cover opening. Add an empty hivebody and cover and move to the next hive.

    I have rarely been stung doing this process, unless I made a mistake. There are many methods of introduction, but this has worked for me the best. It works for one package as well as a semi load.



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