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Thread: Poison Hemlock

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    I am just starting beekeeping and expecting my first bee's to arive in a couple of weeks. The area I am going to place my hives is by a creak that is full of Poison Hemlock. The entire creak bottom will be white with the flowers from this plant. I have two questions first do I need to be concerned with the polin and nector from this plant poisoning people or the bees? Second if it is safe will the bees get any benifit from this plant?

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    Just a thought, I stated in another post that my bees attack poison ivey blooms each year and make some of the best honey. I wouldn't be too concerned the bee knows. I have also seen a huge field of clover in ripe bloom just in front of several hives and the bees didn't even attempt to forage in it.
    I just take all of this as the bee is much smarter than I am and enjoy their returns.

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    From what I've learned about these plant's is that there is an oily base on the leaf's that is toxic,an not the flowers them self, It's regarded as a major honey source, Mark


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