I thought they'd never die! We had snow on Dec 20 followed by a full day of below freezing temps and then about a week of 40 degree days with a flood of rain--standing water all over the property. Thought for sure that would do them in, but much to my chagrin on Dec 30 when the temps rose into the 60's, they were still flying, bothering my girls and hogging the field feeders! Dec 31, I saw only a few of them and today they're all gone but for one or two. Yay! My girls were out in force today and those that were not bringing in that aforementioned lipstick red pollen were jammed shoulder to shoulder at the field feeder. They have a hivetop feeder, but seem to prefer the field feeder. I think it's because it's in more direct sun and the syrup is warmer. Anyway, both they and I were extremely happy. It's so nice to be digging in my garden and hear that hum all around me. What a way to start a new year.