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    To all
    Yesterday I may have hived the last swarm of about 40 this season.The swarms I am interested in are the 25 pluss (subject to final count) from those incoming swarms into bait hives at home base from unknown sources (some may be and are likely to be from feral hives)these I have under observasion.Many of these have had their first disease check and queens marked.On checking these a couple had some of their own drawn comb.
    Measuring I found it to be 5.3 mm over 10 cells.It is unknown for sure as to whether we still have any surviving ferals from pre-varroa in New Zealand in the upper North Island,now almost five years since the incursion.My question may be a long shot,but has anyone experienced (collected or otherwise) swarms (feral)or even swarms from their own small cell hives that may have drawn small cell when allowed to build their own comb from scratch.

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    Most of mine are building their own comb from scratch. Either on foundationless or on top bars. Sizes vary. Some places it is 5.1mm some places it's 4.6mm and everything between. This is just worker brood comb. For honey storage it may be larger but still usually runs no more than 5.2mm unless it makes the jump to drone sized which runs in the 6.0mm to 6.6mm ranges usually.

    Here's some 4.7mm from a top bar comb:

    Dennis Murrel runs top bar hives and has mapped the sizes of self drawn comb on his:
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