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    Default Ross Rounds Retail prices

    Anyone who sells honey have an idea on retail price I should charge for Ross Rounds?
    I sold pints last year for $8.00 each.

    If this is a repeat of my message I am sorry I could not find it any where.

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    Default Re: Ross Rounds Retail prices

    Most beeks sell them in the 6 to 9 dollar range, however, I have seen them sold out on an internet site at 21 dollars each. As I have stated before, price it at a price that u consider high and incrementally lower the price if needed until u get to a price the customers are willing to pay. Also be sure to check your area to see if anyone else sells them and what they get.

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    Default Re: Ross Rounds Retail prices

    In upstate NY, Mass., and VT the wholesale is $6-$7 each, and retail from $10-$14. No difficulty in selling at these prices.
    Lloyd Spear


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