I had 8 hives die on me. At first I thought the good news was that I had 16 deep supers of drawn comb for the new bees. About a third of it was capped honey which is no problem. Another third was partially filled pollen frames. A few were totally empty. The rest are what worries me.I am surprised to find that they contain so much uncapped honey. I mean a lot of it!
Since I've heard that uncapped honey will ferment ... I don't know what to do with it. The only thing I can think of is to extract it and throw it away.
1. How can I tell if it's fermented either before or after extracting?
2. Will it make my new bees sick If I let them clean up the combs after extracting it?
3. Can I just give it to them and trust them to clean up the mess?
I'm open to all suggestions.
Thanks guys,