Checked my bees today and things look pretty good. I was concerned the last time I checked them because the queens weren't laying and the bees seemed to be disapearing. Well the queens are laying solid brood patterns again. Populations are up.

I started three hives as packages on April 30. One is ready for a fourth medium super of foundation (I'm using mediums on two hives as brood chanbers). The other one on mediums will be ready in about a week or ten days I estimate. About how many mediums do I need to get the girls through the winter in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota?

My other hive is in deeps. It has two now and I think it will be ready for a third in about ten days.

They have some honey stored but not too much. I think that they are using the incoming nectar to build comb and raise brood.

I'm happy with things so far. These girls are in the shade and it was nice on this hot 85 degree day not to be workig hives in full sun.

My ant problemis completely gone. The baking soda and borax did the trick.