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    a few weeks ago when I checked my hive there was no brood to be found-saw alot of swarm cells at the bottom of frames, but still a fair amount of bees in the hive. I thought it must have swarmed and the hive was left without a queen. Ordered a marked queen and installed her last week, when I checked on the hive yesterday, I saw a queen but without a mark and lots of brood. Did I jump the gun in ordering the new queen as the colony created a new queen but she just hadn't started laying by the time I had checked? Did the colony kill the marked queen I had just installed? If a hive swarms will there be bees left behind in the hive raising a new queen?

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    If the cells were capped or ready to cap, the hive had probably swarmed. If there was a queen already hatched out, they have killed your marked queen. Some people will not let their bees make a queen. They will replace her. I have had some hives that have produced some fine queens but I always watch her for awhile.



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