I have 2 hives that I have been feeding. One is a package that was hived in April and the other is a swarm that I captured in May. The package has really taken off and has full comb built in 2 brood boxes and 1 super. They have a lot of sugar water stored in the super and the brood boxes. Didn't have much of a bloom due to drought. The hived swarm is still building comb in their 2nd brood box and have some sugar water stored also.
I have stopped feeding the package due to the large quantity of sugar water stored. I am still feeding the hived swarm to try and get them built up a little more and let them build their comb.
Am I doing the right thing? Is it OK for them to have all this sugar water stored? Will it be enough for them to overwinter? Will the get a late flow now that it is raining and build up honey stores?