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    We just got one nuc, and are expecting two more this week. We have enough drawn comb, most of it with honey on it, (our bees died in an ice storm... condensation) to set them all up in a box nicely. When should we put another box on top? We have to go away for three weeks on April 12th. I read the recent "supering" topic and it seemed like one should err on the side of too many supers. Any advice on how best to set up our bees before we leave them.
    As a side note, it was such a bummer to have all those little bees die in the storm, but I sat and watched the new bees zooming into the hive with their little saddlebags full of pollen yesterday and I got all happy again... I'm sure you can understand! Bees are just so cool!

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    I do understand.

    I agree. Better too much than too little, but just right would be best. In early spring they can about double the room they need every three weeks.

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    Thanks Michael.


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