Ok when I take off the inner cover in a hive it is crawling with bees not a surprise there but I am wondering if my method is the best to use or if there is better. When I take of the inner cover I check to see if the queen is there if not I take the inner cover and strike it jarring the bees off onto the super below. I never let the inner cover hit the hive so jarring of the hive is no problem. The bees donÂ’t seem to mind they just seem to fly then go straight in, it does not seem to hurt them in anyway. The only reason I do this is because of an incident when another beekeeper worked my hive and placed a patty down than just re placed the inner cover which squished a lot of bees between the patty and the inner cover. I am also some what concerned with the way I place it back on. I have been taught to place it down so that little area is initially touching than moving it slowly so that it goes into position. This method seems to work fine. What I really want to know is if there is anyway to do this kind of work with less dead bees. Ok another problem I have is when I feed the bees syrup using a frame feeder. I pour in the sugar with bees inside, cant knock then out it already has feed inside so I pour slowly and the bees seem to float on the sticks up to the top (not an issue) but they then cascade out of the side of the hive as such that it is very difficult to replace the inner cover if any one could give a suggestion as to what I could to differently I would very much appreciate it. A last thought does anyone have hives that if you give a puff of smoke they all just run between the frames which makes life very easy, I have a few that do this I also have others that do the opposite it seems does anyone else have this? Any help or opinions on this would be very much appreciated.