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    If you feel you need more bees in a hive that's weak to meet the critical mass is it ok to just switch inner covers? My bees in my strong hive like to gather on the inner cover. I thought the easiest way to add some more bees to the weaker hive would be to just switch inner covers with the bees still on it. Will this induce fighting? Will the bees stay with the new hive? Thanks

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    The bees on the inner cover may or may not get along. Bees on open brood are more likely to get along. I like giving the weak hive emerging brood. They emreging brood always stays there. You can also shake bees from three or more hives together and the confusion will keep them from fighting. Put them in a nuc box over a newspaper for a combine (with a board to cover the gap on the side).

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    I am not sure you would get enough bees to the weak hive that would stay to make a difference. I have sometimes switch the position of a weak and strong hive. Once the weak hive gets some more field bees the queen might start laying a bit better. It is somewhat late in the year though. I am located 150 miles further south and my Italians hives that I am feeding are still laying good.

    You might consider moving a frame or two of capped brood to the weak hive. Try to replace the frames with empty drawn comb.

    If your hive is real weak, I would consider joining the weaker hive to the stronger one. It is best to take your winter losses in the fall. If you like the queen and she is young, you may want to bank her. Take her and one frame of bees and brood and put them in an observation hive. You will have to feed them sugar water. In the spring give her 3 frames of bees and brood from your larger hive. If she turns out to be a dud next spring then off with her head. By that time you will be able to purchase a queen.


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