I am now on the organic email loop - where the oils are not discussed.

Michael, you are still using the oils?

I will be getting my bees, frames brood & honey/pollen in 2 weeks - yeah the easter bunny is selling them to me. Any who, the girl I am buying them from does IPM and only uses the chemicals when she feels she has to.

So, when my bee families get here should I give them a grease pattie? sugar syrup? (dandylions are everywhere, my iris are starting to bud). I bought a manuscript from a man in SE Missouri about chemical free beekeeping. He uses the oils, liquid lethacin (spelling - I've had no coffee yet) - I've also wondered about the crystal Vit C someone else uses on this board.

I have a screened BB for both of the hives and the 4.9 cell foundation will be here soon. What she will give me will be the regular sized cell foundation.

Should I spray a little mist of syrup w/oils on the 4.9 to get them excited about moving on it?

Martha in KC and tired.