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    I've been using the beehive plans available at your website and they have been very useful. I've been looking at some other plans though and find some variation in the depth. One book says:
    "These 9 1/2" tall hive bodies are sometimes cut different depending on manufacturer, some are as short as 9 3/8" and all the way up to 9 5/8". It is better to cut them short because 9 5/8" leaves 1/2" bee space when used with standard frames that are 9 1/8". But most standard frames come out to be 9 1/6" leaving 9/16" bee space which is too much."

    Why the variation in specifications? I've looked at the Dadant frames and they all are designed for boxes of your specifications.

    Lance Gillette

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    Hello Lance -

    It's amazing how much difference there is between manufactures. When I made the plans for the Langstroth hive, I checked in books and catalogs for dimensions and decided to go with the Dadant sizing. I know some commercial beekeepers who buy used hive bodies sometimes have to either cut the boxes down or nail a thin strip of wood to the edge for extra height to adjust to the frames they are using.

    I've always been happy with the Dadant people and have used them ever since 1974 so I guess it's no surprise I used them as a standard. They're also one of the oldest, if not the oldest beekeeping supplier around.



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