My grandfather's farm in SE Kansas has a cedar tree in it with a hive of bees in the trunk. I would like to extract the bees and have read about the funnel method. However, I was thinking of removing them by chopping the tree down and splitting it, then removing the comb and the bees and putting them in a beehive. I know I would have to make sure I get the queen if I do this, but what I was wondering was if it was okay to do that in the winter.

I live in S.C. Oklahoma, and if I removed them I would bring them back down here. If I use the other method, I would have to do a split of my other hive, and so I would need to start a nuc. I asked on another post when a good time to do this was, but the post died before I could get back and let you know where I live. So when would be a good time to start a nuc hive in S.C. Oklahoma? Things usually start blooming in March around here.