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    When should I decide that I need to take honey supers away to extract? I am new to beekeeping this year and do not have experience with it. Will I just always leave one super full and take off anything that is full beyond that? I appreciate all help.


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    I'm going to assume that you are using 1 deep brood chamber in the south and that all other added boxes are honey supers. Now, here is what I have learned. When the bees have drawn out all of the foundation on all frames, AND have filled almost all of them, they will probably be ready to have another empty super added. The time to extract is when 3/4 or more of the filled combs are capped. By the way, when you do extract, the honey that you get from uncapped cells is O.K. to use also. If you don't want to extract one box at a time, you can simply add supers throughout the honeyflow season and then remove them all at once at the end of the summer. When you add extra supers, you want to lift off the full supers and place the empty super on top of the brood chamber and replace the full supers on top of the empty one.

    Hope this helps,


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