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    Default Premature Extraction?

    This is my first year of beekeeping, and recently I checked on one of my hives with a hivetop feeder which had a lot of empty space beneath it (due to its design), and it was full of honey comb. The comb was uncapped, and there was some brood mixed in. I removed the comb and saved the honey--my question is, since it was uncapped, is it going to ferment? It is a bit thinner than the capped honey. Are there any potential problems with the honey? I gathered about 5lbs, and removed the feeder to prevent this from happening again. Thanks in advance for any input!

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    If you're concerned you can feed it back to them. If it's a little thin and they aren't interested in it (because there's a flow on) but you don't want to eat it, put it in the freezer until Fall and leave it out for them during the dearth. They'll have it cleaned up and stored for winter in no time. Otherwise, go ahead and enjoy it yourself.
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    If you were feeding (inferred from the feeder ) it's more likely syrup. Take care to not contaminate later crops of honey with it.
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