Wanted to pass this story.
This morning I went out to hive a swarm in my yard. After cutting 8ft. into a honeysuckle bush, knocked them into a box and dumped them in the hive. Did a second knockdown for the straglers. I usually wait to see if more go into the hive the first few minutes than come out, this indicating if the queen is inside. Some came in, some went out. About 30-40 bees were just hanging out on the front not doing anything. I figured they would be eating the frame of honey I baited the hive with.
Then I blew my mind. Out of the blue, the queen flies onto the hive entrance. Those bees hanging out all greeted her and ushered her into the hive. Have now been in the hive for 12 hours so I know they are staying put.

I must of missed her with the box but can't see how. Then for her to fly into her own swarm hive. I'm still shaking my head. Thanks for reading.