Hello I am new here. I had 3 hives of my own when I grew up and was being taught how to handle bees. I am comfortable enough that I do not wear a suit or mesh hat. The problem arises well I do not really remember much from the days gone by. I am looking to get started I have purchased a used hive and it has 5 supers for it, 2 smokers, 1 feeder, the queen screen, well lets just say it is 100% complete minus the hive tool which I still have mine. What can I use to clean up the inside of the hive with? What Kind of paint can I use on the outside as not to deter my bees. And where can I get some bees? I am really looking forward to getting this started again. I am going to the library next week to get some books but want to get started. I live in St. Louis If anyone is close and wants to help a guy out.