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    Well, a check of the hives today reveale 3 dead out of 15............funny was that they had stores and for the most part plenty execpt one of the appeared the clusters were too small as two of the hives had hardly any bees left and one had about two handfulls............funny I guess how they keep it all clean even though they are dying...........any ways the others look decent with several having big clusters and still in the bottom deep...........How are yours doing?

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    I haven't looked yet, as it has been overcast and chilly in my part of KAnsas. I am making myself wait until a better time.

    Besides, if I open up a cool and grumpy hive, they will probably want their revenge. Remembering this helps me to behave myself! [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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    This last fall there was a drought here for about 2 months. No nectar flow means reduced brood rearing... which means some small clusters going into winter. I lost several due to cold-starvation myself. When bees die with plenty of honey, it's because the cluster couldn't move to the honey, because it wasn't big enough to keep the cluster plenty warm. Starvation is obvious because many of the bees are head-down into the cells.

    Lots of insulation can help prevent cold-starvation of small clusters, but not always during extended low temps.


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