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    I have started two hives with packages one week apart. The first hive refuses to take any sugar syrup. I am giving them a 1:1 syrup and they haven't touched it. They are very busy and I see them returning to the hive with pollen etc. They are drawing out the comb, but I haven't had a chance to see the queen yet. I'm using a miller type feeder. I'm worried because we are getting snow tonight and I wonder if there are enough of them and enough stored food to get through this cold spell. Can anybody tell me what I can do about feeding and are they going to get though the cold?

    Also I can't medicate if they won't eat the syrup.


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    If they have no stores in the frames they are drawing out things could get rough for them. If it has been very warm there you syrup may have started to ferment, if it has been cool in the evening and not too hot during the day it may still be ok.

    I still use friction buckets to feed put the feed right down on them, they don't have to go far looking for it. One gallon plastic bucket with holes it the cover or if I really need a emergency feeder I get a new paint (metal) bucket from the local Sherwinn Williams paint store. I put about 15-20 holes in the cover with a moderate sized nail and fill it with a gallon of 1:1 sugar syrup. I put in right over the opening of the inner cover and let them take it in.

    I then place and empty hive body around the bucket and cover it with the outer cover.

    It is Important to remember to turn it upside down and let a little dump out onto the ground before you place it onto the hive that little extra that falls to the ground might chill the cluster if it is cold enough to snow.

    If they have made some stores they may be ok for one night.


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