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    Greetings . . .

    Often I read; sugar water should not sit too long or it will ferment.

    What are the indications to look for? (Mold?)
    How long will syrup keep in feeder and in storage?
    How and when do you clean hive-top feeders?

    Dave W

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    The bees can drink fermented (yeast turning sugar to alcohol) syrup. It will ferment if it's thin enough.

    If it's 2:1 sugarater I have not seen it ferment. It will mold sometimes. The people using Honey Bee Heathy say it stops it from molding. It just gets gray or black streaks running through it when it molds.

    I clean the feeders when they look moldy. I use vinegar to get the mold out of them and then rinse them thoroughly.

    I have no formula for how long to keep it. If the bees won't eat it and it's moldy I throw it it out. If the bees will eat it, I don't worry about it. Sometimes it does not seem to mold and sometimes it does. I'm not sure what all of the contributory factors are.

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