I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where we still have snow on the groud. I had a couple of hives about 10 years ago, but they didn't make it through the first winter. About a week ago I saw a program on TV about honey bees and got the bug again. I still have my old equipment that's in good shape. My question's are:

1) Is it too late to start the hives this year?

2) Do you think I could still find some bees? Where would I look? Any way to find local beekeepers? I wouldn't mind driving a few hundred miles to pick bees up if needed.

3) What should I look for in my old equipment to make sure it's safe? I'm pretty sure my bees froze the first time as they had lots of honey nearby. My uncles 10+ year old hives along with many others also dies that winter.

4) Could I still use the 10 year old honey that is left in the old hives?

I'm sure as I rediscover this hobby I'll have lots of other questions.