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Thread: styrofoam nucs

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    I am planning on wintering some 5 frame nucs in styrofaom nucs here in N.H. any advice is welcome.

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    I have no experience with them but the person I ask about it said he doesn't like them. I don't know why .... he didn't say.

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    I've never had styrofaom nucs or hives. If you are going to put your money into somting, you may want to think about the long term pros and cons.

    The first nucs I made. I thought I'd only use it once every now and then. Looking back it didn't seam important to have vary many eather. I did spend the time and money to make good quality nucs and now I'm happy I did. So I'm all for a good wooden nuc box.

    Now that the time has passed I still have everyone of them and they are in just as good as when I made them. Nucs are abused through the year when you are not using them. They get stacked in the corner. You leave them in the bee yard for a month after you have removed the frames and bees ect.....I'm not saying that styrofoam isn't the best thing for you. You should think of how you treat your equipment, and how long you think a styrofoam nuc will last.

    As far as how well the bees do with it I don't know. I've never looked at one after it had bees in it. Maybe someone can post some pros on this.


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    I'm with billy bob, there is just something nice about having quality hardware. Anyway you slice it styrofoam gearis cheap at best. I spent about $25 and a saturday afternoon making 5 nucs and they have served me well. What happens when you drop a strofoam nuc full of bees?

    Anyways, if your going to overwinter a nuc or two I would try to put them ontop of another hive. Why don't you take an empty brood box, slap a double screened board on the bottom, a divider in the middle and put the whole thing on top of another hive?

    That's what I would try to do...


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